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How the Mind Stops Functioning as the Center of Thought

The Buddha once famously and very wisely said: “People are not addicted…


Viewing the World from an Emotional Place

All my life, every other person had judged me, from my close…


My Story Begins In Delphi, Greece

I hit my rock bottom the summer of 2003 at the Olympeace…


The Language of God

Arabs believe the Arabic language is the language of God. They believe…


The Beauty and Damage of the Arab Language

According to Rosalie Maggio, the award-winning French author, language reflects and shapes…


An Impulse Turns into Codependency

According to Alaric Hutchinson, an international life coach, speaker, and author of…


What is Harmful To the Body Locks Up Your Mind

What is locked in your mind can be released through your body…


Almost Everyone Suffers from Addiction

About The Author

Manaar Azreik

Manaar Azreik is a non-binary person who was born in the southern Israeli city of Be’er-Sheva to Palestinian parents who are culturally Arab Christians. While personally, they were members of the upper class, they believed in atheistic communism.

Manaar and her identical twin sister Rim were raised as girls, but from a very early age, Manaar knew that she was a boy in a girl’s body. Manaar grew up in the confusion of a traditional culture that was also trying to cope with modern life.

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The Practice of trust

The Practice of Trust by Manaar Azreik is helping people liberate themselves from the shackles of their mind so they can heal codependency relationships. To do that they first need to find access to divinity and connect to the voice of their truth. Through somatic body practices we can heal and transform self-harming patterns in our life.

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