The Practice of Trust – transforming codependency from the pain of separation to finding joy by Manaar Azreik is a part autobiography and part self-help book. It encapsulates Manaar Azreik’s life growing up in a world that refused to understand her.
Through this book, Azreik aims to motivate readers to learn to overcome all the negativity in their lives by resolving life’s equations. Moreover, the book will guide readers to solve the codependency behavior and self-harming patterns in life and how they can access their authentic voice.
This book is for all those who have lost trust in their lives. It will help them heal their pain of separation and enable them to lead a healthier, balanced, and more centered life.

Why Read It?

The Practice of Trust by Manaar Azreik is helping people liberate themselves from the shackles of their mind so they can heal codependency relationships. To do that they first need to find access to divinity and connect to the voice of their truth. Through somatic body practices we can heal and transform self-harming patterns in our life.

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